Word Bearer

The Word Bearers are a specialized group of storytellers, following in the footsteps of the one named Vargus, anointed of Akhat. They were originally formed as a sort of living record of the past, to remember and pass on the stories and experiences from the desert. As time progressed, they also began to study the power of words themselves.

Word Bearers originally were more than just that, storytellers, but as time went on, they became progressively more unique.

Abilities: Bearer's primary ability necessary for most of his useful skills and abilities is Charisma. The ability to draw more of an audience, and to tell a more captivating story depend on it. Dexterity is useful to aid in a variety of flexible positions for acting, and Constitution is extremely helpful to keep them going for long days, and to survive in the wilderness.

Races: To date, only humans have been known to be Word Bearers.

Alignment: Bearers are normally of the Mteule, and as such, are Lawful Neutral. Of all the Mteule, Bearers are the most likely to have a leaning towards a more chaotic bent.

Starting Money: 6d10

Class Features

Weapon and Armor Proficiency: Bearers are proficient with simple weapons and light armor.
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