The Weaver, Sleeves, Old Mothfood, the Helpful Visitor, the Wandering Plague
Played By: Fisher
Symbol: A silver needle trailed by a strand of thread.
Home: Void, to start
Domains: Travel, Weave-craft
Favored Weapon: Cloak Sleeves
Divine Powers: Life-giver, Plague-bringer

Appearance: The Weaver is covered in layer upon layer of plain, ragged cloaks which mask an otherwise humanoid form into a mass of cloth. It's shirt sleeves trail several feet behind it as it moves while a wide brimmed straw hat adorns it's head. Occasionally, between this hat and the jumble of clothing, one can catch a glimpse of two, piercing pinpricks of light staring outward from deep shadow. Long bunches of coarse, yellow straw stretch out from beneath the hat down to the Weaver's waist almost as a mockery of real hair.

Following in casual pursuit of the deity is a small group of tiny, white moths which delight in feeding off the endless supply of thread. The moth's wings glow with a soft light, and many who catch a glimpse of Sleeves at night believe it to be some ghostly specter due to these fluttering insects.

Personality: Sleeves is a quiet, soft-spoken individual. Unconcerned with royalty, politics, or even matters of divinity it chooses to wander somewhat aimlessly through the void. Though quiet, old Mothfood is a friendly sort and quite often delights in traveling companions who share in the long journey.

It is on these trips that the Weaver finds his real purpose in the vast expanse: helping the lost, the fallen, and the injured. Many roam the world seeking something or other and old Sleeves has taken upon the task of aiding others in their travels. Those who prey upon travelers or restrict the passage of others, however, are oft dealt with swiftly if they should ignore the Wanderer's calm warning.

Week 1
Not Present

Week 2 (12 AP)
Bless 1 (1 AP) Any who rest at the Weaver's old shack will find themselves completely refreshed and restored after a brief rest.
Curse 1 (1 AP) To whoever damages or destroys the Weaver's old home will be afflicted with an incurable wanderlust. For the afflicted and all of their future descendants they will be unable to find rest wherever they go until they personally restore what they destroyed.
Create Life (1 AP) Straw-kin

Week 3 (+3 AP)
Bless/Curse Weaver's Blessing (9 AP): Bless/Curse (11 AP, MR 6) - Life-giver/Plague-bringer (2 AP)
Create Life Void Moths (1 AP): Large, migratory moths which travel from the Blessed Isles to Pyrokus and back. The threads of their cocoons can be spun into a strong and supple silk used in numerous crafts.

Week 4 (+5 AP, 7 AP Total)
No Actions. Wandered to Pyrokus and then Halls of Meditation. Recently asked to attend a summons by the Empress.

Week 5 (+5 AP, 12 AP Total)
Bless (MR 2, 1 MR free from Lifegiver (1 AP)): The Sewn History. This stretch of cloth replays past events by actively weaving and re-weaving it's surface. The tapestry tunes itself to a set location and displays the history of wherever it is currently located. Should it be moved, it will attune itself to the new location within a day. By focusing, the owner can select or search for specific events. Given to Terran in the Hall of Meditation.
Create Avatar (2 AP)

Week 6 (+5 AP, 14 AP)
Create Land (1 AP)
Create Artifact (7 AP) Distaff, Bane +3
Curse (MR 4, Free from Artifact)
Join Pantheon (1 AP) Heralds of Creation
Create Organization (2 AP)
Create Class (1 AP) Scout

Week 7 (+6 AP, 8 AP)

Weaver's Blessing
A vast, dimensional net that covers all of Kamigawa and the Blessed Isles. This powerful barrier prevents all forms of instantaneous travel such as Teleportation, Shadow Stepping, or Summoning to name a few.

If anyone should attempt to use a Gateway or Portal within or through this barrier their gate will become highly unstable and dangerous and will likely only last a matter of seconds if at all. Dedicated portals can be constructed, but require time to create and constant maintenance and repair afterward. This barrier does not negate the paths and gates set in place by Teikoku and passing between Kamigawa and the Mortal plane is not prohibited.

This barrier affects all beings, save for deities. Should any mortal, creature, hero, or avatar attempt to teleport into Kamigawa or the Blessed Isles from the outside they will find themselves stopped at the farthest border of the barrier and forced to travel naturally from that point forward. Attempts to teleport from within the barrier will be simply met with failure and often exhaustion.

A shred of the Weaver's essence was imbued into the net. Should a truly Heroic Act of Resolve be required, the barrier may allow the user to pass through unhindered. This, however, is a rather rare occurrence.

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