The Rot

Mushrooms included for a small fee.


Time: Normal.
Gravity: Heavy. The Rot imposes a certain weight on those who dwell in it. Those not of divine nature tend to stoop while in The Rot
Size: Self-Contained Shape, after a while a person traveling through The Rot will realize that they don't seem to be able to leave an area the size of a large forest.
Frontiers: Both the Void and the Material plane are visible from any point in The Rot.
Magic: Healing Magic is impeded in The Rot. Spells from the Decay domain are Maximized and Extended. Spells from the Plant Domain are Quickened and last half as long.
Divinely Morphic: Josiah can manipulate The Rot but rarely chooses to do so.
Day/Night cycle: The Rot exists in a constant humid dusk


Characteristics: The Rot would be described by a generous person as, "Overly Fecund". Trees of enormous size covered in all manner of muck and decay stretch into a constant starry mist. Any being that spends to long in The Rot will find that the moss, mushrooms, and molds that make up The Rot have begun to grow on their flesh as well. Anything left in the rot will find itself covered before a day is out and by the end of night will find itself breaking down. As Josiah is quick to remind, "All must return to the earth." and The Rot is the ideal of this philosophy.

Reaching the The Rot: All truly cowardly souls, who avoid death by staying shuttered within their homes or safe places eventually come to The Rot. It is, theoretically also open to magical invasion, but who would willingly condemn themselves to The Rot? Any deity can access The Rot through The Void.
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