greater deity

player: Planswalker

divine traits: Mythic, Impulsive

domains: Water, Storm, Chept, War, Beauty, Incarnum, Moon, Dream, Mushroom, Corruption, Trickery, Retribution, Quest, Healing

portfolio: water, the Chept, storms, fury, insight, freedom, spirits

Sozuchi is the master of the waters, as powerful and unpredictable as the rivers themselves. He takes the form of a great sea serpent, swimming along in the vast depths of the Endless Ocean. His chosen people, the animal-headed Chepts, find him a generous and merciful protector. Many others, though, have come to curse him for the sudden and unpredictable storms which claim many lives on the swift-moving waters. Either way, mortals tell many stories about him.

When dealing with immortals, his fellow gods find him equally unpredictable. At one point, he can be found aiding them in their endeavors. At other times, he seems to be dead set against them with little cause. Normally, though, he leaves alone anothers' tasks if they do not involve the waters or his chosen people, the Chepts.

Over the course of his many conflicts with other gods, Sozuchi has gained many tools to aid him in defending his people and punishing his enemies. His children, the dream deities, have left him with a deep appreciation of dreams, the moon, and mushrooms. His fight against Immortas awoke a dark and sometimes vindictive side to his nature, but one that is normally kept under control.

His followers are encouraged to seek freedom and absolute personal fulfillment, to be tempered by the thought that it is best for oneself to live in a healthy society and thus things that harm society as a whole are frowned upon.
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