Sora, the Lifebringer
Titles: Father of Monsters, Oldest of Children.
Player: Incendax.
Symbol: The official symbol of Sora is a diamond (rhombus) with the image of a red hand clearly depicted inside. On a more unofficial level, any image of a newborn creature is considered at least somewhat sacred.
Home: The Void.
Domains: Fertility, Strength.
Favored Weapon: Soras no true favored weapon.
Divine Powers: Progenitor, Lifegiver.

Appearance: Sora has taken many incarnations, since his divine nature is not based upon one single body image, but he prizes two incarnations over all others. The first is an incredibly handsome male with all the appropriate cultural markers that would indicate he is prime breeding material. In a society that prizes physical strength he will be muscular and athletic, and in a society that prizes intellectual prowess he will appear to be erudite and sophisticated. The second incarnation is that of an abnormally large tiger with beautiful orange and black markings. In this form he always possesses the powerful musculature and lethal claws associated with such a predatory animal.

Personality: Sora has little interest in creating a world in his own image, so much as he wishes to bring new life into existence and ensure that it grows powerful and healthy in his wake. He is the father to countless children, and they range from the civilized to the monstrous. To know his favor is to have your people blossom across the world. To know his wrath is to have your species wither and die, to be forgotten by the sands of time.

Create Life: Create Life(Giants), Create Life(Trolls), Create Life(Ogres), Create Life(Purple Worms), Create Life(Goblins), Create Life(Bugbears)
Heroes: Mountain Giant Kadash, Frost Giant Dagesh, Storm Giant Gorish, Lady Phoros.
Artifacts: Transcendent Warrior Matrix(Grand Artifact - +3 Bane, +1 Battle), Chimera Staff(+3MR Bless), Shackle of Resolve(+3MR Bless), Crown of Ages(Mortal), Ancestor Blade(Mortal).
Blessings: Youth and Fertility(Elves - MR3), Stupendous Reproduction(Goblins - MR5), Stupendous Reproduction(Bugbears - MR5).
Curses: None.
Other: Avatar, Create Society(J├Âtunheim).
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