Name, Seelia
Played By: Moranica
Leaf and flower
Home: The void
Domains: Plants, Fey
Favored Weapon: Bow
Divine Powers: Protogenist, Landshaper

Appearance: Seelia is a frail, tall being who has beautiful looks, but an unnerving presence at the same time. Her blond hair sprouts leaves and her green, almond shaped eyes have a yellow glow over them. She has green lips, and a small nose. Her garments are long thin robes that always leaves one wondering wether it is see-through or not. Her bare feet sprout small flowers whereever she walks, these flowers wither and decompose within the hour.

Personality: Most would describe Seelia as the most beautiful thing there is, but when asked if they'd like to stay with her all withdraw. Her distant personlity makes it difficult for other to connect with her. She is a relaxed and patient being, who does have her tantrums. Whether it is the unnerving aura or the everpresent danger of her fits, nobody stays long in her vicinity. She feels as though she is largely misunderstood. This could perhaps be because she does a lot of things instinctively, rather then think things through. Here goals are to make plants flourish everywhere, so that all may enjoy it's beauty. (this will of course lead to confict with civilisation)

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