The Realm of Pyrokus

Pyrokus, the Great Machine, the Plane of Fire, the Burning Chaos, the Plane of Order. All these are but names for the same place.

Pyrokus was created by Mondo in the infancy of creation, and the god makes this plane his home. It is a twisting nether of Chaos and Law as One. Mondo believes that the two are merely aspects of the greater Order of the universe, and Pyrokus reflects that belief. It is a plane of flame and metal and flesh, things which haunt one's darkest nightmares and which soar through one's fondest dreams are to be found here.

Pyrokus itself is a single machine of titanic proportions, and the machine itself provides the only surface on which to stand. Great cogs, miles across and slowly turning, fill the open spaces, springs and gears and widgets and whatsits are all interconnected to the machine by fibrous organic material, muscles and tendons and arteries and bile filled tubules. Pyrokus is as much flesh as machine, yet both are unified for a single, great purpose...

Planar Traits

Pyrokus has all of the following planar traits.
If you rolled a 04 and a 91, then for every 10 years you spent in Pyrokus, only 6 seconds (1 round) would have passed in the material realm.
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