Mondo, the Implacable
Played By Rizban
Symbol: A cog wreathed in flame, a single eye in the middle with a sunburst for a pupil.
Home: Pyrokus
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Domains: Fire, Metal, Artifice
Favored Weapon: Scimitar
Divine Powers: Artificer, Mythic

Mondo's motivations are simple. Indecipherable, but simple. Mondo is the very incarnation of Fire, and he seeks only to do the will of the flames. Fire is the motive force behind all things, and without it, all would freeze and die. Mondo is Thesis and Antithesis in one, Law and Chaos, Creation and Destruction. He seeks to uphold the balance of the Natural Order above all else. Mondo even gouged out his own eye and set it in the heavens that it might cast light upon the world as its sun.

Mondo sees mortals as weak and imperfect copies of the gods, and rightly believes them to have the power to reshape the world in their own image rather than in the image of the gods. As such, he believes the mortal races to be abominations to the Natural Order. Though he despises their existence, he does nothing to harm them. He has sealed away Fire and Metal for their benefit. Though the humans led by Teikoku hate him for this, and many of the gods themselves see this are a perverse and selfish act, Mondo believes it for the best. Without Fire and without Metal, the mortal creatures cannot create great weapons of destruction. By sealing away his own powers in a far distant realm and never again directly influencing the mortal realm directly, Mondo has crippled himself in an attempt to protect these lesser beings from destroying themselves and the world around them. Though many hate him and think him evil and malicious, those mortals who have encountered him confess that he is grandfatherly and kindhearted but strict and unyielding.

Mondo has begotten three children. The eldest born is Duc de Redouter, born of the Little Eyes to be their ruler and protector against the corruption of the lesser races as they watch over and guard the Great Eye of Mondo, which is the sun. Next born is Mondo's beloved daughter Seelia , created of the plants of the world as they cried out for protection against destruction by the lesser races who polluted the land and destroyed the pristine forests and valleys. The third child of Mondo was built by his own hands. Named Belos the Inevitable of War, this creation of Mondo's was designed for but one purpose the creation of tools and weapons to protect Pyrokus and the servants of Mondo and his children against attack.

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