Josiah, God of Disease and Decay

Played by Obscurejones
Symbol: A Bone Wrapped in Vines
Home: The Rot
Domains: Disease, Decay
Favored Weapon: Cudgel
Divine Powers: Plaguebringer, Artificer (Bane)
Josiah is a greatly unsettling god to those not familiar with his teachings, appearing as a zombie wrapped in vines and moss that weave through his rotting flesh. Despite his grotesque figure he is a pleasant and reasonably benevolent god dedicating his self to the natural order of life. His goal allow life in all its forms to pass by, flesh returning to the earth. Ressurection is anathema to him.

THe Plaugebringer's about to hit you in the head with his shin.  That's why he's smiling.

Current Investments: Curse MR 5 (All beings who fight their demise through cowardice will find themselves afflicted with a wasting disease and their souls bound for The Rot), Create Plane (The Rot), Create Life (Myconids), Lead Populace (Dwarven Mushroom Agriculture), Create Society (Integrate the Myconids into the Dwarven Kingdoms, Initiated the Adaptation of the Great Artifact Pyrokus to an engine of war, Raise Hero (Morrel Peacemaker), Create Life (Virions)
DR 2


Battle: Unfilled
Utility: Unfilled
Utility: Unfilled
Utility: The Pale Horseshoes, Mortal
Boon/Bane: The Transcendent Warrior Matrix +5 Battle, +1 Bane
Boon/Bane: Unfilled
Boon/Bane: Unfilled
Grand Artifact: The Transcendent Warrior Matrix
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