Inevitables are constructs created by Mondo whose sole aim is to enforce the natural laws of the universe.

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Inevitables#Alxialut Alxialut (CR10)
Kolyarut (CR12)
Marut (CR15)
Zelekhut (CR9)
Inevitables#Varakhut Varakhut (CR10)

<-<Each type of inevitable is designed to find and punish a particular kind of transgression, hunting down a person or group that has violated a fundamental principle. When an inevitable is created, it receives its first mission, then finds the transgressors and metes out appropriate punishment. The sentence is usually death, although some inevitables insist on compensation to the wronged party instead, using geas/quest and mark of justice to ensure compliance. From its first step, an inevitable focuses totally on its target. It continues its efforts no matter how cold the trail or hopeless the task. Inevitables are single-minded in pursuit of their quarry, but they are under orders to leave innocents alone. Accomplices to their prey are fair game, however, which sometimes creates conflicts within their programming.

Inevitables gladly sacrifice themselves to complete a mission, but they aren’t suicidal. Faced with impending defeat, they are likely to withdraw and seek a way to even the odds. They are determined but patient foes. They ally with others if that helps accomplish their mission, but they have a hard time keeping allies for long.

Inevitables tend to stick out in a crowd while they’re in observation mode, but they seem oblivious to the attention. Their forms vary, but all inevitables are clockwork creatures, with gears and pistons where muscles would be on flesh-and-blood creatures. Their eyes glow with a fiery radiance.

Note that unlike most constructs, inevitables have an Intelligence score and can think, learn, and remember.

Inevitables speak Abyssal, Celestial, Infernal, and the native language of their first target.


Unless their very existence is threatened, inevitables focus completely on the transgressor they’ve been assigned to, ignoring other combatants completely. An inevitable might attack anyone who hinders its progress, but it won’t tarry beyond the point where it can reengage its quarry. Inevitables take self-defense very seriously; anyone who attacks an inevitable with what the creature perceives as deadly force is met with deadly force in return.

An inevitable’s natural weapons, as well as any weapons it wields, are treated as lawful-aligned for the purpose of overcoming damage reduction.
Fast Healing (Ex): An inevitable heals a certain amount of damage each round (specified in each variety’s description) as long as it has at least 1 hit point. However, damage dealt by chaotic weapons heals at the normal rate.


Medium Construct (Extraplanar, Lawful)
HD 10d10+20 (75 hp)
Speed 30 ft. (6 squares)
Init: +7 (+3 Dex, +4 Improved Initiative)
AC 30; touch 18; flat-footed 27 (+12 natural, +5 deflection, +3 Dex)
BAB +7; Grp +10
Attack Freezing burst gauntlet +10 (1d8+3 and 1d6 cold, 19-20/x2 + 1d10 cold)
Full Attack 2 freezing burst gauntlets +8/+3 (1d8+3, and 1d6 cold, 19-20/x2 + 1d10 cold
Space 5 ft.; Reach 5 ft.
Special Attacks Force strike, polar ray
Special Qualities Shift alignment, devoted command, spell-like abilities, charm aura, construct traits, fast healing 5, darkvision 60 ft, low-light vision, SR 20
Saves Fort +4 Ref +6 Will +7
Abilities Str 16, Dex 16, Con -, Int 15, Wis 16, Cha 22
Skills Bluff +11, Diplomacy +19, Gather Information +12, Intimidate +14, Knowledge (local) +7, Ride +10, Sense Motive +14
Feats Cleave, Combat Reflexes, Improved Initiative, Improved Unarmed Strike (B), Leadership
Environment Pyrokus
Organization Solitary or campaign (1 plus cohort and 2d4 followers)
Challenge Rating 10
Treasure Standard
Alignment Always lawful neutral
Advancement 11-20 HD (Medium), 21-35 HD (Large)
Level Adjustment -

Alxialuts are dispatched from Pyrokus to enforce the inevitability of social order: they exist to remove usurpers who have unlawfully acquired power.

Due to the sensitive nature of their mission (simply executing the usurper would create a power vacuum, and likely a self-propagating problem) alxialuts are specialized to work with the population to restore that particular culture's social order. Alxialuts are charismatic and persuasive, and use these abilities to overcome innate distrust.

An alxialut is a humanoid construct, with a face as expressive as Pyrokus can design. Their overall composition is of an ivorylike material, with occasional silver plates that open and shut to vent air. The eyes are composed of three concentric rings: gold, sapphire and a thin internal gold band. Two large sapphires cap the alxialut's shoulders, and a flexible gold structure similar to a loincloth makes up its lower torso. Some alxialuts are specially manufactured to appear closer to the form of the creatures they will be leading.

Alxialuts can communicate with any creature that has a spoken language.


Alxialuts occasionally ride special mounts into battle, such as warhorses or clockwork steeds. They prefer using force strikes to push back the front line, then begin full attacks against targets in range. In larger combats, an alxialut always seeks to hold the line, and will work with its chosen captains to maintain its forces. It reserves greater command until it can use it to create a major breach in enemy forces, and only switches to magic missile to deal with enemies attacking from range.

Charm Aura (Su)
Alxialuts are wreathed with an aura of persuasion when not engaged in combat. This aura acts as a charm person spell on all valid targets within 30'. The save DC is 21, and is Charisma-based. Anyone who successfully saves against the charm aura is immune to that alxialut's charm aura for 1 day.

Devoted Command (Sp)
An alxialut can select up to three beings to aid it in leading its crusade against a usurper. The alxialut must spend one hour in private session with these beings (although the hour can be taken will all three together). The devoted command grants these creatures the effects of greater heroism for 24 hours.

Force Strike (Su)
As a move action, an alxialut may project a wave of force in a 30 ft line. The wave acts as a bull rush with a Large size category and 20 Str. If the foe chooses to make the opposed Str check, he is subject to 5d6+5 force damage. If the foe waives the Str check, he may make a Reflex save (DC 18) for half damage, but is pushed back the full distance regardless of result.

Polar Ray (Su)
Once per day, with both hands free, an alxialut can generate a polar ray. This functions as the spell with a caster level of 15th, but is a supernatural effect.

Shift Alignment (Ex)

An alxialut's lawful nature does not always bring the best paradigm to a rebellious campaign. For up to 12 hours a day, the alxialut may shift its alignment to any other alignment. At the end of this 12-hour duration, the alxialut reverts to lawful neutral. While the alxialut maintains a different alignment, it cannot return to Pyrokus; effects that would return it to Pyrokus instead push it into the Void. The alxialut also gains the alignment descriptors of its new alignment and loses the Lawful descriptor. This may even make it vulnerable to order's wrath, dictum and similar spells.

Spell-Like Abilities (Sp)
At will - dimensional anchor, dimension door, hold person, locate person, maximized magic missile, suggestion, true seeing. 3/day - greater command, heroes' feast, heroism, mass bear's endurance, mass bull's strength, mass cat's grace, mass cure light wounds. 1/day - mass cure serious wounds, mass suggestion. Caster level 10th, DCs are Charisma-based.


Large Construct (Extraplanar, Lawful)
HD 22d10+30 (151 hp)
Speed 30 ft. (6 squares)
Init: +7 (+3 Dex, +4 Improved Initiative)
AC 37; touch 12; flat-footed 35 (+16 natural, +10 +2 full plate, +2 Dex, -1 Size)
BAB +16; Grp +27
Attack Slam +23 melee (2d10+7, 19-20/x2)
Full Attack 2 slams +23 melee (2d10+7, 19-20/x2) or disintegrating ray +19 ranged touch (2d6 + disintegrate)
Space 10 ft.; Reach 10 ft.
Special Attacks Disintegrating ray, dispelling blast
Special Qualities Construct traits, DR 25/chaotic, SR 30, fast healing 20, emergency mode, disregard, spell-like abilities
Saves Fort +9 Ref +12 Will +15
Abilities Str 24, Dex 17, Con -, Int 25, Wis 23, Cha 25
Skills Concentration +25, Decipher Script +32, Intimidate +32, Knowledge (arcana) +32, Knowledge (history) +32, Knowledge (religion) +32, Knowledge (the planes) +32, Sense Motive +32, Spellcraft +32, Spot +29
Feats Ability Focus (dispelling blast), Awesome Blow, Blind-Fight, Great Fortitude, Improved Critical (slam), Improved Initiative, Iron Will, Lightning Reflexes
Environment Pyrokus
Organization Solitary
Challenge Rating 19
Treasure None
Alignment Always lawful neutral
Advancement 23-33 HD (Large); 34-66 HD (Huge)
Level Adjustment -


Disintegrating ray (Sp) As a move action, a varakhut may charge its disintegrating ray. While charged, the varakhut may use a full attack to unleash the ray, which strikes everything in a 30 ft. line. Creatures may make a Reflex save to avoid the ray (DC 24), taking only 2d6 damage. Creatures and objects remaining in the path of the ray are affected as though by a disintegrate spell cast by a 20th level wizard (Save DC 23). On a successful save, creatures and objects still take the 2d6 damage from the ray. The varakhut can unleash up to three disintegrating rays per day.

Dispelling Blast (Sp) Three times per day as a standard action, a varakhut can unleash a greater dispelling effect in a 30 ft. burst (caster level 20th).

Emergency Mode (Su) Once per week, as an immediate action, a varakhut may enter emergency mode. The varakhut immediately dimension doors (as a 20th level caster), gains a magic circle against chaos and protection from spells and a +4 enhancement to Str and Dex. It also recovers 30 hp. Additionally, the varakhut gains +2 to AC and saving throws. Emergency mode lasts for one minute (10 rounds).

Disregard (Ex) Varakhuts' bodies are specially crafted to shrug off certain effects. Their own powers are also designed to work against those with enough power to challenge the gods. Varakhuts are immune to all disintegration effects, as well as imprisonment, forcecage and wall of force. Varakhuts' spell-like abilities can only be countered by the same spell. Greater dispelling, dispel magic and Improved Counterspell are futile.

Spell-Like Abilities (Sp) At will - circle of death, circle of doom, dimension door, dominate monster, haste, hold monster, locate person, true seeing. 3/day - forcecage, greater teleport, limited wish, mark of justice, time stop. 1/day - geas/quest, meteor swarm, plane shift, soul bind, wish. These are as the spells cast by a 19th level sorcerer.
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