+-Introduction+-    Introduction
  Introduction#Tone The Tone of the World
  Introduction#DivineWorld A Divine World
  Introduction#ToKnow Important Things to Know
+-+-Chapter 1: Races+-  Overview
   Exiled Modron
+-+-Chapter 2: Classes+-  Overview
   Word Bearer
+-+-Chapter 3: Skills and Feats+-    Skills
+-+-Chapter 4: Magic+-    Spell Lists
     SpellLists#Cleric Cleric Spells
     SpellLists#Druid Druid Spells
     SpellLists#Paladin Paladin Spells
     SpellLists#Ranger Ranger Spells
     SpellLists#SorWiz Sorcerer/Wizard Spells
+-+-Chapter 5: Psionics+-    New Psionic Powers

+-Chapter 6: Prestige Classes+- +-+-Chapter 7: Equipment+-    Weapons
     Exotic Weapons
       Light Weapons
       One-Handed Melee Weapons
       Two-Handed Melee Weapons
       Ranged Weapons
   Goods & Services
   Special Materials
+-+-Chapter 8: Artifacts and
Legacy Weapons
+- +-+-Chapter 9: Monsters+-    Cryslak
   Elemental, Fire
+_   Inevitables+_     Inevitables
     Inevitables#Alxialut Alxialut
     Inevitables#ForgeElder Forge Elder
     Inevitables#Galadiut Galadiut
     Inevitables#Pardivut Pardivut
     Inevitables#Ramitra Ramitra
     Inevitables#Satut Satut
     Inevitables#Torudra Torudra
     Inevitables#Varakhut Varakhut
     Inevitables#Viasura Viasura+_ +_   Modrons+_     Modrons
     Modrons#Monodrone Monodrone
     Modrons#Duodrone Duodrone
     Modrons#Tridrone Tridrone
     Modrons#Quadrone Quadron
     Modrons#Pentadrone Pentadrone
      Exiled Modron+_    Strawkin
+-+-Chapter 10: Environment
and Natural Hazards
+-    Terrain
   Supernatural Hazards

+-Chapter 11: Geography of
the Foundation
+- +-+-Chapter 12: Planes+-    Pyrokus
   The Rot
   The Void (Astral Plane)
+-+-Chapter 13: Deities+-    Akhat
   Duc de Redouter
+-+-Chapter 14: Domains+-    Weaving
+-+-Chapter 15: History+- +-+-Chapter 16: Organizations+-    Organizations

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