The eldest of Creation's races, and possessing power and influence arguably matched only by the other Elder races, Humanity is a race that is - above all else - driven. They will pursue their goals relentlessly, whatever those goals may be. It is this seemingly endless reserve of ambition and determination that have shaped them into the people the are today, and will shape them far into the future.

This tendency is not a fluke - it is a direct result of the fact that alone of all the races of the world, Humanity has inherited the power of what their goddess terms "The Spiral of Creation". To date, this power is barely understood - even by the goddess who so carefully nurtures it in her people - but it can be best described as a limitless well of potential, evolution, and advancement, just waiting to be tapped... when it is finally unleashed, none can quite say what the result will be.

Imperial Humans

Medium Humanoids (Human)
+2 Cha, -2 Con: Compared to the hardy dwarves, giants, goliaths, and other exotic races of the world... humans are frail little creatures. But though their bodies may be physically unimpressive, their will is unbending. Humans have a natural confidence and passion that makes them natural leaders.
Human Resolve: The minds of humans are remarkably sturdy, and deception and mind control will find it difficult to sway them from their own wills. Humans receive a +2 Racial bonus to will saves against enchantment and mind-effecting spells and effects.
Do the Impossible: Physics and probabilities break down in the presence of Spiral Power, and great feats come easily to those touched by it. Once per day, a human may reroll to confirm a critical hit. They must accept the result of this new roll, even if it is worse than the original.

Carefully monitored and cared for by Teikoku, the humans of the Blessed Isle are the originals of their race. Their existence is a carefully measured one, bound by many laws and structures. Some dislike these structures, and choose to live outside them - it is for this reason that no matter how many of them are cut down, the Isle will always be afflicted with bandits and petty warlords. Imperial justice is swift and holds little mercy, for the Empress knows that the drive of wicked and subversive humans is no less great than that of their nobler kin. The only proper response is death, that they be cut off from their Spiral power and the threat it poses.

The Empire itself is a meticulously constructed crucible for Spiral development. Schools both educate the populace and flag those with the greatest potential - for either careful monitoring or induction into the more vital functions of the Empire. The orders of Shugenja likewise use their teachings to drive humanity as a whole further towards catalyzation. Despite appearances, there is little that goes on that is not ruled and measured... one could argue that attempting to control the fundamentally chaotic energy of the Spiral would be a fool's errand, but it's worked out pretty well.

So far.

The Humans themselves are easily the most representative of their people - they do nothing on a small scale. Imperials are prone to a love of drama and theatrics, particularly those with an affinity for air. Duels are often prefaced by bouts of exaggerated boasting, and the skills of colorful heralds and criers are highly prized. With the heavy prevalence of enchantment on equipment, craftsmen can usually afford to sacrifice a bit of practicality for sheer theatrics. The Daiklaive is a product of this mentality - what purpose could possibly be served by a blade of such size? The answer is simply that it looks awesome.

Exiled Humans

Statistically identical to the Core System race.

Sometimes, the world is harsh. Sometimes it is cruel. Sometimes it is unfair, or dark, or seemingly without even a glimmer of hope. Such feelings - weariness, despair, fear... all suppress Spiral Power, dampening the fighting spirit of those who possess it. Outside the comfort and control of the Isle, many humans have fallen away from their powers. They temper their wild dreams with a dose of cynicism and realism, and their ambitions often amount to simple survival.

But still, the resolve of humanity will not buckle. If life hardens, so shall they. If life demands they set aside their chasing of dreams for the common good, they will adapt. No others in Creation - save perhaps the Chept, collectively - can match the versatility of an enclave of Exiled humans. This is their greatest strength, and it will allow them to survive when all others would perish.
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