The race of giants were created by Sora, the Lifegiver to represent the pinnacle of humanoid strength. Unlike the Blessed Races of the world (Elves, Dwarves, Humans) the giants had no true homeland and left their place of creation on a journey of self discovery. Tested at every turn and their endurance stretched to the absolute limits, the giants descended the side of the earth and now reside upon the 'dark side' of the world. It is in this place underneath the disk where they may challenge themselves daily to survive, weed out the weak, and grow stronger with each generation.

The Giants:
Through careful selective breeding, the giants have been separated into four distinct categories that do not yet have any kind of civilized name. The most Intelligent amongst giants are the planners and plotters of the species, able to think of solutions to the practical problems of everyday giant life. The Mighty amongst giants are the warriors and heroes of the species, for they are called upon to do tremendous feats of strength and daring alike. The Passionate amongst giants are the keepers of culture and ideals, for they care enough to educate the young and stand up for the good of all giants. The Enduring amongst giants subject themselves to incredible burdens and difficult labor, for they alone will stand when all else has fallen.
MR4 Blessing of Population. MR4 Blessing of Strength. MR4 Blessing of Constitution. MR4 Blessing of Intelligence.

The Trolls:
Faced with horrible attrition during the Age of Exodus, the trolls are merely average when compared to the mighty attributes of their giant cousins. However, blessed with a tremendous metabolism, the troll is able to survive all manner of horrible plagues and wounds that would kill the greatest of giants. They have become the risk takers and the shock troops amongst the giantkin against whatever horrors lurk within the savage world.
MR4 Blessing of Population. MR 4 Blessing of Strength. MR4 Blessing of Constitution.

The Ogres:
While Sora loves his children dearly, the ogres are simply not smart enough to handle the day to day affairs amongst the other giantkin. It is a sad admission that they were selectively bred this way so that they could handle all the menial tasks that would require doing as the giants slowly moved towards being an actual culture. However, their numbers are great and they not only serve as an endless supply of menial labor but also the standard troop amongst any giant military operation. What they lack in intelligence they more than make up for in patriotic spirit and tremendous brute strength.
MR4 Blessing of Population. MR 4 Blessing of Strength. MR4 Blessing of Constitution

The Heroes:
Storm Giant Gorish.
Mountain Giant Kadash.
Frost Giant Dagesh.
Fire Giant Phoros.
Trundle, the Troll Warlord (Mortal Artifact - Ancestor Blade).

Innovations: Lead Populace(Irrigation), Lead Populace(Basic Military).
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