Rogue and Exiled Modrons

The existence of rogue modrons adds a twist to the rigid hierarchy of modron society. Sometimes commands are misinterpreted, even among modrons, and contradictory instructions can be passed through two separate chains of command to the same modron. Although exceedingly rare, this conflict can easily lead to a modron going insane and turning rogue. Other contradictions in experience, such as time spent on a chaotic plane, can also cause a modron to go rogue. Even more rarely, the seeds of disobedience occur naturally within a modron, so that it grows discontent with service to the bureaucracy as a whole, even without an outside contradiction confronting it. Sages theorize that perhaps Primus himself pants these seeds in order to gain further understanding of the universe. Whatever the cause, rogues are hunted down and destroyed by fellow modrons without mercy. The racial opposition they feel against rogue modrons far surpasses any other they experience, even toward creature of pure chaos.

Of course, modrons are the epitome of bureaucracy. Even with how reviled rogue modrons are, a rare process exists for modrons to be exiled. This occurs mostly in modrons of quadrone level or above, since they have the intellect to sometimes realize their own rogue nature and begin the petition process before they are discovered and destroyed. Tridrones and lower castes typically realize what has happened to them too late, when a squad of pentadrones arrives to destroy them.

Even among the rare few who begin the process, only a very select number are approved for exile. These exiles undergo a physical transformation within the Modron Cathedral at the center of Regulus in the presence of Primus himself that breaks their bond to the Energy Pool. This transforms them into a creature that resembles a quadrone with a few different characteristics. Those sages who believe Primus plants the seeds on conflict within some modrons also theorize that Primus himself approves those modrons for exile in order for them to explore the planes unhindered by the rigidity of modron duties, thus expanding the racial understanding of the universe.

Exiled Modron Characters

Voluntarily exiled modrons essentially begin their lives anew with a few faint memories of their past life. True modrons, and even many rogue modrons, view exiled modrons as no better or worse than any other non-modron; the exiled modron simply is.

Although exiled modrons have a wide range of personalities, they tend towards Lawful alignment and still prefer to know the hierarchy of command in any group they join. They differ from true modrons, however, in that they can be far more flexible and adapt to various new situations without resorting to a set of standard procedures. Still being modrons, they often have difficulty comprehending illogical mental ideas, like art, passion, or honor. This leads many to propose convoluted rationalizations or endless interrogations of those who demonstrate such traits.

Exiled modrons are not considered part of any caste. They can be of any alignment, though almost never Chaotic, and can be any character class. Exiled modrons are always exactly 5 1/2 feet tall and weigh exactly 400 pounds.

Exiled Modron Racial Traits

* +2 Constitution, +2 Intelligence, -2 Dexterity, -2 Charisma
* Medium size
* Living Construct
* Base speed 30ft. Though they possess vestigial wings, they lack any flight ability.
* Surprise Vulnerability: Due to the conflict of free will and their innate sense of order, exiled modrons have a difficult time reacting to surprises. As such, they are considered flat-footed until the second turn in combats that did not initiate. They are still able to act on their first turn but remain flat-footed.
* The durable shell of an exiled modron grants it +2 natural armor.
* Exiled modrons retain some degree of their alien intellect, receiving a +2 racial bonus on all saving throws versus illusions and mind-affecting effects.
* Exiled modrons take a -2 racial penalty on all Charisma-based skill checks made against non-Lawful creatures.
* Exiled modrons natural senses are greatly reduced, but they do retain some of their enhanced qualities. They gain Alertness as a bonus feat.
* Exiled modrons are not shaped like any other creature and thus cannot wear standard armor or clothing, including robes, vest, and shirts. These items must be custom made to fit.
* Automatic languages: Common, Modron. Bonus languages: Celestial, Dwarf, Gnome, Ignan, and Infernal
* Favored Class: Artificer
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