Four legs, a squat lower body, and an upper body with four more limbs. Cryslaks look a bit like a spiky rock when down low. Those upper limbs, though, when unfurled, hold hooked claws that can tear and dig. They have low-hung jaws with plenty of biting power with rows of teeth. Their back is ridged all over, one main ridge running right down the middle. They are specialized desert creatures, creations of Akhat, and live exclusively in the Great Desert.

Cryslaks hunt during the darkness in the desert, when the temperature falls with visibility. They are not known to aggressively hunt humans, but have been lethal if crossed during their excursions.

If encountered, it is advised to flee or hide. A single Cryslak on its own is nearly impossible to kill, and it can shred rock with its claws. Very dangerous.
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