The Cat'Chep are the fourth-born of the Children of Sozuchi. They were created by the Old Ones to unify the Chepts. At first, they did so through fear by hunting the other Chept. However, with the coming of the Set'Chept to humble them, the Kin Wars were ended, and they have integrated into Chept society. Today, they rival among the best hunters and scouts in the Chept tribes, taking down with grace and skill what the Croc do through cunning and strength.

The individual cat is often seen as a picture of individualism and self-sufficiency. They value freedom more highly than any other race, and resent anyone who might try to limit that. They value prowess over intellect, and clarity over charisma. Although not a popular choice, Cat mages enjoy the hefty power that comes with magic, regardless of the source of that magic.

The Cat'Chept often find society to be too confining, even the loose tribal settlements of the Chept. Although most Cats associate themselves with one tribe or another, they tend to be absent from it more often than present. None object, though, when they come back with reports of potential dangers or a large catch. The Cat'Chept, much like the wildcats from which they come, are almost universally selfish in nature, looking after themselves first, and only the needs of the tribe afterwords and only so far as it benefits them to be part of a strong family. Although not to an extreme where they would kill another casually, they also exhibit a cruel streak, sometimes playing with a catch for hours after downing prey. This subject though, is taboo to them, and they do not discuss it with members of any other race. Their extreme desire for freedom often leaves them in contempt of any law, no matter the benefit. Most Cats tend towards chaos or evil, often both. Even chaotic evil Cats, though value the tribe and contribute towards its well being. True sociopaths are rare, and often hunted down by their fellow Cats before the other races even learn of the problem. The last thing the Cats want is to re-start the Kin Wars. They know that they would not be the hunters this time, but the hunted. When they last hunted the Chept tribes, there were only 2 other races. Now there are four.

Cat'Chept are short and muscular, but without the weight and ungainliness of Croc'Chept or the slimness and agility of the Set. They stand 4½ feet tall, sometimes a bit more, and weigh around 45 to 55 pounds. They have definite cat features: a short muzzle, whiskers, vertical pupils, a long, graceful tail, and legs shaped like those of big cats; however they walk upright, albeit with a slight stoop. Their skin is covered in a coat of soft fur of any soft color, and their eyes are usually green, yellow or brown. Their ears are those of a cat. Their arms are humanoid, but furred, except for their furless palms.

+2 dex, +2 con, -2 int, -2 cha; the Cat have a grace about them which is most definitely predatory. Their very mannerisms are slightly threatening, as if the predation of the Kin Wars when they hunted every living thing in Water World has not been forgotten. This also comes off as quite disconcerting and unsettling for those who interact with them, and they eschew formal schooling in favor of first-hand experience. They tend to think with their claws, believing that problems are best dealt with from a position of strength.

Medium as medium humanoids, Cat'Chept have no bonuses or penalties due to size

base land speed: 30ft

Low-light Vision Cats see twice as well as humanoids in the dark, and can see normally under conditions of starlight, moonlight, and other dim illumination.

Natural Weapons: Cat'Chept have two claw attacks, which they use as primary natural weapons. They may often carry manufactured weapons to give them an edge over their prey, but most prefer to use their claws in close quarters. Each claw deals 1d4 damage. A Cat uses its full strength modifier for damage.

+2 to hide and move silently checks Cats are very stealthy.

+4 on intimidate checks against Croc, Boa, and Eag'Chept, +2 against Cat'Chept The Cat'Chept are still quite threatening to the other Chept, especially the Croc, Eag, and Boa. The Set, though, do not find them nearly so threatening, in fact, due to their Brave trait, are treated as medium characters when attempting to threaten them, making them the least easily intimidated Chept race for the Cats. Cats know and regard each other as dangerous individuals, and one caught in another's power knows full well how intimidating that situation is.

Four extra skill points at first level, and one extra sill point for each level beyond first Although they are not particularly well-educated, the Cat are quite skilled at things and are just as good at them as any other race.
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