The Boa'Chep are the sixth-born of the Children of Sozuchi. They are formed from the powerful anaconda. The Boas are the keepers of knowledge and lore among the Chept. They have a racial memory that they learn to master over time. The longer they live, the further back their memories go. Like all Chept, the Faeri encourage them to have many children. For the Boa, having a child holds even greater significance. By doing so, they not only pass on their to their descendants their heritage, but their memories as well.

Every Boa is born with a thirst for knowledge. Most seek to broaden that knowledge firsthand. Many also seek to recall the memories of their ancestors. Some reach far back in time and grasp onto lore long forgotten, and a few recall all the way back to the First Boas. Although every Boa seeks after knowledge and most take positions of scholarship within a tribe, there are many hunters and tradesmen in their numbers. Even when they do not devote their professions to gathering knowledge, these "laymen" of the race still find learning to be a major part of their life, absorbing as much knowledge as they can. Though not as inquisitive as a Set can be, they are very curious as a whole and enjoy learning new things.

The majority of Boas in Water World have taken up a position of honor within their tribes, often in the role of wise elder or storyteller. Some even lead tribes, when the tribe finds knowledge and planning to be the greatest asset. These roles are often, however, in large tribes, fewer than there are Boas within the tribe. Although it is not uncommon for some Boas to leave such a tribe and seek those who need council more, normally such "extras" take up a more typical role within the the tribe, their knowledge making them excellent craftsmen and hunters. Boas tend towards a more lawful bent than the typical Chept, but value freedom as strongly as every other member of Chept society. Most, therefore, are typically neutral in the law-chaos aspect, and their typically typically arrogant natures are tempered by generosity. Most members will gravitate towards one alignment, but they generally tend to not hold extremes. True neutral Boas are rarer than those of extreme alignments. They typically pick a moral or ethical position and stick with it, but rarely hold to an extreme.

Physically, the Boas are the second largest race, only slightly smaller than the Croc'Chept. Despite their size though, most of them are not particularly physically imposing due to their laid back natures. They also have less musculature than the Cat'Chept or Croc'Chept, being generally as strong as an Eag. Their bigger frames, though, tend to be slightly awkward. They share the hardiness true of every Chept race.

Boa racial Traits.

+2 con, -2 dex, +2 wis, -2 cha: The Boa are slightly slow and awkward physically, while quite tough individuals. Their great wisdom often leads them to hold themselves aloof from mainstream Chept society.

Medium: as medium humanoids, the Boa do not get any bonus or penalties due to size. They are typically between 6-7 feet tall.

Base land speed: 30ft.

Unlike many of the Chept race, Boas do not have senses particularly better than that of a human.

Intuitive Study: All Boa knowledge skills are wisdom-based, instead of intelligence-based. They have a racial memory which, even when not full developed, aids them in learning things intuitively.

Superior Literacy: all Boas are born knowing how to read and write, even before they learn how to talk. Infant Boas are still unable to write until tehy develop the manual dexterity for such a task, usually achieved around age three.

+2 on craft and profession checks: the Boa are often skilled craftsmen or professionals, no matter the occupation.

level adjustment: +0
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